The need for young Conservatives

Joe McGurk

June 16, 2023

As parliaments at both UK and devolved levels continue to be swept up by the whirlwind of infighting and culture wars, it is easy to see why young people might be reconsidering pursuing a career in politics.

In that thinking, I thought I could try and reassure those looking in from the outside, particularly young conservatives, that they can absolutely play a pivotal role in shaping politics and conservatism more specifically going forward.

First and foremost, young conservatives bring a fresh perspective to political discussions. They are more likely to be in touch with current trends and issues that matter to younger generations, and to be receptive to new ideas and viewpoints. This can help to diversify conservative views and make them more appealing to a wider range of voters.

Additionally, young conservatives are often highly motivated and energised, which can help to reinvigorate our movement. They are more likely to use social media and other digital platforms to spread conservative ideas and engage with other young people. This can help to modernise the conservative message and make it more relevant to younger generations.

Crucially, they are often more willing to work across the aisle and find common ground with members of other political parties. This can help to promote greater unity and cooperation in government, which can ultimately lead to more effective policymaking and better outcomes all over our great United Kingdom. It is, after all, the Conservative and Unionist Party!

In the last year, the conservative movement has undoubtedly faced significant challenges, including polls showing declining support among younger voters and internal divisions over key issues. However, I absolutely do believe there is hope for the future of conservatism, and that hope lies in the hands of young conservatives.

By embracing new ideas, building bridges across political divides, and promoting greater unity within the party, young conservatives can help to rebuild and ensure the long-term success of conservatism. With the likes of Emma Best AM, Meghan Gallacher MSP, Georgia Toffolo and Liam Bruce there is no shortage in inspirational young conservatives enacting change in their communities across the United Kingdom. As our communities change, so do the challenges we face, and so it is essential to have a diverse range of voices at the table to address these issues. Young conservatives can offer innovative solutions and alternative viewpoints that can help movement adapt and thrive in a constantly evolving political landscape. This is something that should only ever be embraced and not feared.

Young conservatives represent the next generation of leaders. By engaging, empowering, and investing in them, we can ensure that conservative values and principles are carried forward, far into the future.

Moreover, young conservatives can also help bridge the gap between different generations within the conservative movement. By engaging with older conservatives and learning from their experiences, young conservatives can help to build a stronger, more united conservative movement that is better equipped to tackle the challenges of the future.

The need for young conservatives can never be overstated. They have a vital role in shaping our movement’s future.


Written by Joe McGurk

Joe works as a Parliamentary staffer for a Conservative MP.

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